The onepro.45 is an easy to operate, large caliber pistol, designed especially for the demanding needs of the SOCOM (Special Operations Command). It can be field stripped to four major components and easily cleaned.
Technical Specification
.45 or 400 COR-BON
Length overall 179 mm 7.04 in.
Length overall (IPSC Modell) 199 mm 7.83 in.
Height overall 135 mm 5.31 in.
Width 32 mm 1.25 in.
Barrel length 95 mm 3.75 in.
Barrel length (IPSC Model) 115 mm 4.53 in.
Weight empty 1100 g 31.1 oz..
Weight empty (Light alloy frame) 830 g 23.5 oz.
Magazine capacity 10
Operation short recoil
Trigger pull DA 3.9 kg 8.6 lb.
Trigger pull SA 1.6 kg 3.52 lb.
Mode of operation DA or DAO
Locking system dropping barrel
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